Talekar & Associates

Caste rights litigation

Caste rights litigation

The firm provides assistance to clients for their caste claims. Validation of just caste claims and effective implementation of reservation policies bring affirmative action for equality to fruition.

The firm has battled arbitrary rejection of caste claims and non fulfilment of reservation requirements in public employment as well as admission to medical and engineering courses.

Tokre koli, Malhar koli ,and koli mahadev tribes of khandesh and marathwada region regard senior Mr. Talekar in almost godly fashion for his tireless efforts in ensuring the tribal status hethertothen denied to them owing to absence of record. Efforts of Mr. Talekar led to unprecedented judicial correction of the lacunae in Presidential order while granting special status to SC and ST communities. The success of the firm in these matters was based on the solid foundation of social, anthropological and ethinic research from old texts and data available exclusively at our personal library to trace out the reasons of backwardness, to ensure benefit of reservation.

The founding member of the Firm, S.B. Talekar has been a member of a Committee appointed by the State of Maharashtra to revamp the existing system of issuance of caste validity certificates. Mr. Talekar was also a part of the special delegation to His Excellency the President of India on caste based reservation in state of Maharashtra.