Talekar & Associates

Team & Culture

It is the vision of the leaders that shapes the firm, and our young and dynamic partners have a great vision working under the dedicated mentorship of our ‘Big Boss’ who is as kind as he is tough. Everyone who has worked with him say ‘with Sir we learnt to strive for perfection. We spent hours in the office to find the one unbreachable authority to support our case, and where we could not, we worked even harder to create a precedent’. It is the effort of the team that has maintained our good reputation with clients and judges.


S. B. Talekar
Managing Partner

Recognized by clients, lawyers and judges alike as the unstoppable Maverick, Mr. Talekar in the last 4 decades has shaped the justice delivery while leaving his imprint on the development of the law. Satish Talekar is a master of every area of law, and a constitutional expert at the core.

Umakant Awate

BSL LLB, V.N. Patil Law College, Aurangabad; LLM, Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad;
Specialisation: Constitution litigation, service and labour law, caste law, property laws and education laws

Pradnya Talekar

BA LLB (IPR), NLU, Jodhpur; BCL, Distinction, University of Oxford, UK;
Specialisation: Arbitration, commercial litigation, consumer and competition law, taxation, IPR, technology and media law, Election law

Ajinkya Kale

BSL LLB, ILS Law College, Pune; LLM, Post Graduate Department of Law, University of Pune;
Specialisation: Criminal litigation, public interest litigation, environment law, conveyancing, co-operative and banking laws.

Madhavi Ayyappan

BSL LLB, DES Furgusson Law College, Pune; Gold Medalist
Specialisation: Original and writ litigation at principal seat of Bombay High Court, commerical litigation and arbitration, banking and criminal litigation

Our People

Pragati Khadole

ILS Law College, Pune

Rahul Alamkere

Dayanand College of Law, Latur

Siddharth Khandelwal

B.A. LL.B (Hons.)
DES Shri Navalmal Firodia Law College, Pune.

Yash Sethiya

B.A LL.B Vth Year
Rizvi Law College, Mumbai.

Bhushan Mahajan

B.E Mechanical Engg., IInd year LL.B
Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune. S.S. Maniyar Law College, Jalgaon.

Vaishali Padol

B.A LL.B IIIrd Year
New Law College, Ahmednagar.

Anagha Pandit
Legal Accounts Manager

B.Com LL.B
ILS Law College, Pune.

Rajesh Mewara

B.Com LL.B
V.N Patil Law College, Aurangabad

Shivpatel Mokhedi
Super clerk

Our Philosophy

We are a tight-knit community of extremely well-read and opinionated individuals who are valued for their differences. Loyalty and commitment are the greatest valued virtues at Talekar & Associates.

First we try winnings for everyone

We understand that not all problems can be solved by court room litigation, some may have a balancing solution where every party wins and goes home happy. So we first try mediation.

We play to win

But not all problems can be solved without a fight,So if the other party insists, we go to play. And when we do, we WIN.

We play fair

Ethics are engrained in our work culture. We innovate in legal analysis not delaying strategies! Winning the right way is the only way.

Perfection in every draft

We strive for perfection in every draft that leaves the office. Guilty of charges of research freak sand grammar Nazis!

We respect every case

We are among the only litigation firms to serve such a wide mix of clients, from the top-notch all powerful politicians, corporate entities and class-I officers to the rustic and illiterate farmers and class-IV employees who have come to us as their only hope, and we treat every case with equal RESPECT.

We value difference

We believe in diversity, and we value differences in opinions for the of self-learning that it provides, and the interesting character it gives our Firm.


Alternate Text

At Talekar and Associates we believe in deriving joy in working, and our dedication for spending tireless hours striving for perfection, is not only owing to the quality of work and mentorship but the strong family bonding we share with the team. There are fun activities undertaken every week with board game nights, badminton/basketball matches, treks, taj breakfasts, paintball, movies, picnics, and so much more! Birthdays are celebrated with zest and so also most festivals including ganpati, dussehra, eid and christmas.

The open door policy and flexibility in timings with the core team and easy access to files and independent client handling and drafting gives much autonomy to our lawyers. We are very selective in our recruitment to only bring in teamplayers who would be a pleasure to take on the world with. The rich collection of books and the gentle goading to stretch one's limits always expands the horizons for all those who join us. When you join T&A, you do not join a law firm, you join our family!